10in Glass Test Jar

10in Glass Test Jar Using this test jar with a hydrometer, and only 100ml of liquid, you can quickly test the specific gravity of what ever you're brewing.

Alcohol Tester

Vinometer Alcohol Tester Measures alcohol level in finished wine.

Proof and Traille Hydrometer


Alcoholmeter (Proof and Tralle Hydrometer)

by Still Spirits
Used for testing alcohol proof. Different than a hydrometer which tests the sugar content, or specific gravity, of a liquid.

Triple Scale Hydrometer

Triple Scale Hydrometer Hydrometers are used to quickly measure the specify gravity or density of your beer or wine. The information correlates with the amount of sugar and thus allows you to determine how far along your fermentation is, and your alcohol content.

Wine Thief

Wine Thief Sample wine or transfer to a test jar with a Wine Thief