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Carbon Snake Kit

Carbon Snake Kit by Liquor Quik
  • Carbon snake provides an inexpensive way for you to purify distillates
  • Removes any unwanted odors or flavors
  • Made with food-grade ethanol resistant plastics
  • Carbon snake Carbon Purification filter Is On Sale Now
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Liquid Carbon

Liquid Carbon "Liquid Activated Carbon" removes unwanted odors and flavors from fermented alco-bases (i.e. distiller's yeast/nutrient blends, SuperYeast™, turbo-yeast) and ethanol distillates (i.e. grain or sugar alcohols). 140g (5oz)
DIRECTIONS: Use in conjunction with any package of 25L (6.5U.S.Gal) yield SuperYeast™ or Turbo Yeast to improve alcohol quality. Shake well before using to eliminate possible clumping. Add directly to alcobase prior to yeast. MUST be clarified using LiquorQuik® Super-Kleer K.C.™