Ball Lock Keg Mounted Faucet


Chrome Faucet (With Ball Lock)

by Best Case Wholesale

This handy tap is easily transported with your keg for those outdoor activity's and trips to the cabin.


Fridge Mounted Tap

Fridge Mounted Tap This 4" shank and tap is meant to be mounted directly to your keg fridge or keezer.

Growler Spout


Tap - Growler Spout

by Keg King
Easily attaches to any Intertap/NUKA faucet. Just unscrew the standard spout and replace it with this growler spout.

Nukatap Faucet

Nukatap Faucet NUKATAP the tap that blasts the competition because of their cutting edge foam reduction technology thanks to their innovative shuttle.

Stout Spout


Tap - Intertap/NUKATAP, Stout Spout

by Keg King
Simply unscrew the normal spout on an Intertap or NUKATAP faucet and screw this stout spout in its place to pour your nitro brews. This spout has a creamer/aerator disc inside that forces beer out under high pressure giving the beer a frothy appearance and creamy texture.