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1 oz Chinook Hop Pellets


Hops - BSG Chinook Pellets

by BSG
Chinook: high alpha, big flavour. Strong notes of grapefruit define this hop. Pungent suggestions of mountain pine and resin (especially as a dry hop) with citrus and fragrant dried herb in the background. Alpha Acid Range: 11.0-14.0% Available in 1oz and 8oz bags.

1 oz Citra Hop Pellets


Hops - BSG Citra Pellets

by BSG
Citra® contributes unmistakable, lush tropical and fruit notes. Strongly tropical and lush with a host of fruit flavours including peach, passionfruit, guava, lychee, lime and gooseberry. Alpha Acid Range: 11.0-13.0% Available in 1oz and 8oz bags.

1 oz. Cascade Hop Pellets


Hops - BSG Cascade Pellets

by BSG
Cascade: still a classic. No other hop has done more for craft beer. Famously citrus-like (particularly ruby red grapefruit) with prominent floral tones. Medium intensity. Alpha Acid Range: 4.5-7.0% Available in 1oz and 8 oz bags.

1 oz. Centennial Hop Pellets


Hops - BSG Centennial Pellets

by BSG
Versatile with pungent citrus overtones, Centennial is almost synonymous with American craft beer. Predominantly citrus but with undertones like lemongrass and pine needles often evident. The citrus character can be reminiscent of Cascade ( grapefruit), the variety it’s most often compared to. Alpha Acid Range: 9.5-11.5% Available in 1oz and 8 oz bags.

1 oz. Fuggle Hop Pellets


Hops - BSG Fuggle Pellets

by BSG
One of the classic English hops - earthy, warm, and mildly fruity. Earthy-sweet and round with warm wood and mild tree fruit aromatics, Fuggle is a pleasingly mild hop. Late additions and dry hop can break towards grassy. Often paired with Goldings. Alpha Acid Range: 3.0-5.6% Available in 1oz and 8oz bags.

1 oz. Galaxy Hop Pellets


Hops - BSG Galaxy Pellets

by BSG
Pungently tropical, Australian Galaxy is a brilliant late addition or whirlpool hop. Intense and potent. Musky tropical fruit (passionfruit, apricot, Key lime) with dank citrus and earthy blackcurrant. Alpha Acid Range: 13.5-15.0% Available in 1oz and 8oz bags.

1 oz. Hallertau Blanc Hop Pellets


Hops - BSG Hallertau Blanc Pellets

by BSG
Next-generation German hops for 21st century craft beer: highly aromatic, tropical, floral, and fruity. Moderate to strong featuring pineapple, gooseberry, white grape, fresh lemongrass stalk, and passionfruit. Reminiscent of many recent Southern Hemisphere varieties, but with a cleaner, less “dank” profile. Alpha Acid Range: 9.0-11.0% Available in 1oz and 8oz bags.

1 oz. Mosaic Hop Pellets


Hops - BSG Mosaic Pellets

by BSG
Tropically pungent and in demand for IPAs, saisons, and more. Complex and pronounced. Strong impressions of citrus oil, balsam pine, blueberry, peach and tropical fruit (especially mango, but also shades of lime and mandarin orange). Alpha Acid Range: 11.5-13.5% Available in 1oz and 8oz bags.

1 oz. Nelson Sauvin Hop Pellets


Hops - BSG Nelson Sauvin Pellets

by BSG
Hops - BSG Nelson Sauvin A New Zealand powerhouse with ripe tropical fruit and wine-like aromatics. Very complex. Striking and pronounced elements of cold-climate Sauvignon Blanc and freshly crushed gooseberries. Also look for Key lime, pine needles, earthy dill, and tropical fruit (lychee, papaya, passionfruit). Alpha Acid Range: 12.0-13.0% Available in 1oz and 8oz bags.

1 oz. Nugget Hop Pellets


Hops - BSG Nugget Pellets

by Best Case DIY
An excellent high-alpha bittering hop for most craft styles that can also be used for aroma. Mild and quite sweet with a low-key, herbal/fruit quality: ginger, fresh oregano, rosemary. Alpha Acid Range: 11.5-14.0% Available in 1oz and 8oz bags.

1 oz. Saaz Hop Pellets


Hops - BSG Saaz Pellets

by BSG
The quintessential noble hop, unequaled in any lager. Soft, pleasantly spicy and herbal with vivid woodsy, earthy, and dark floral character. Idiosyncratically “hoppy” in pale worts. Rootstock grown elsewhere doesn’t have the same range or balance as Czech flowers. Alpha Acid Range: 2.0-5.0% Available in 1 oz and 8 oz bags.

1 oz. Styrian Goldings Hop Pellets


Hops - STYRIAN GOLDING (Celeia) Pellets

by BSG
Breeding/Development: Slovenia. Imported from England in the 1930s and thought to be a Golding, the ancestor of today’s Styrian Golding Celeia was actually a Fuggle. Acclimating to its new home, this variety has developed a more delicate, “continental” profile than English-grown Fuggle hops. Brewing Application: Aroma. Styrian Golding Celeia can be used for light bittering duty in a number of styles but shines as a late kettle or dry hop for English bitter and pale ale, mild, brown ale, as well as a wide array of Belgian styles. Sensory: Invitingly earthy and resinous as befits its Fuggle background, but with a more refined and restrained nature. When used in a hopback or as a dry hop, look for heightened floral and sweet spice.   INFO SHEET
Alpha Acid Range % 3.0 – 6.0
Beta Acid Range % 2.0 – 6.0
Co-Humulone as % of Alpha 26 – 29
Total Oil mL/100 g 0.6 – 3.6
Country of Origin Slovenia