Wine and Hop Shoppe

Welcome to the Wine and Hop Shoppe. We are the oldest winemaking shop in Hamilton at the corner of Queenston and Parkdale since 1970.


 We use the best juices available from Europe, Austrailia, Canada, United States, and South America.

Wine and Hop Shoppe

263 Queenston Road, Hamilton On.,L8K-1G9




At Wine and Hop Shoppe we carry Cooper's and Munton's beer kits and extracts and the accessories needed to make excellent beer at home.

We have been making wine on premise since the 1980's


Our wine is made from juice or concentrates to the highest standards and the result is an exceptional table wine that you would be proud to serve your guests

Since we have been a winemaking shop longer than the Brew-on-Premises, we also carry a complete line of products to assist the home winemaker.