Wine and Hop Shoppe

Wine and Hop Shoppe

263 Queenston Road, Hamilton On.,L8K-1G9




Barrelling is available on request


We maintain several Hungarian oak barrels to offer to our customers the advantage of taking home  wines that are smoother and better ballanced. This option requires the purchase of 2 batches and the patience to leave the wine here for 3-6 months, but the results are worth it.



Better wine is the result of better juices, better equipment and better processes


We use the finest juices and concentrates we can find. All our wines are fermented in conical fementers and cold stabilized to reduce excess acidity. They are then filtered for clarity or barrel aged if you desire.


We have or can get virtually any varietal or blend from a variety of countries.


Come in and try us. You will not be dissappointed.