Wine and Hop Shoppe

Wine and Hop Shoppe

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Fruit Wines

$109. per batch (approx 30 bottles)

Black Cherry Pinot Noir

Blackberry Malbec

Raspberry Merlot

Cranberry Shiraz

BluePom White Merlot

Pink Grapefruit Blush

Raspberry Dragon Fruit White Shiraz

Sangria Zinfandel Blush

Strawberry White Zinfandel

Wildberry White Zinfandel

Green Apple Sauvignon Blanc

Mango Strawberry Moscato

Orchard Crisp Riesling

Peach Chardonnay

Tropical Fruit Riesling

White Pear Pinot Grigio


Fruit wines make a wonderful patio beverage with a lower alcohol level and a fruity taste. Just chill it and enjoy. We have several flavours to choose from with more being added through the year.